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Which Oil?

So I was at the supermarket yesterday, and I was standing in the oils section and this is what I saw.

I know! And I wasn’t even standing far enough back to get all of them! So how do we choose? Which oils should we be using for what purpose? And with the barrage of different health claims that bombard us daily, which seem to change constantly, how can we be sure what we are choosing is what is best for us?

Well, one of the lovely ladies in my Nutrition class the other day asked our dietician lecturer (also a lovely lady), which oil does she use? I thought this was an excellent question, and this is what she said.

She uses an extra virgin olive oil for dressings and instead of butter and she uses either a refined olive oil or coconut oil for cooking in as they have a higher smoking point than extra virgin olive oil, which means that the oils are not turning toxic in our pans before our noses.

Remember, smoking oil is bad, we do not want that in our body. So I thought, that will do me, I must share that with my readership (Hi Mum!).

So for the moment, this is what I shall do. Extra Virgin Olive Oil or sometimes Avocado Oil for cold uses, refined Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for cooking, frying or baking.


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