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Vegetarian Sunday Roast

I have been working on my vegetarian family dinners, in part because I am trying to break Mr T of the habit of wanting meat at every meal (so hard on his kidneys) and in part because we are trying to be lighter on the world (the Cookie House is now solar powered, has its own dedicated rain water tanks and a buy back scheme for large un-damaged jars to refill with preserves).

So anyway, I do a nice nut roast, but I wanted to something similar with legumes, a legume and vegetable roast I suppose, I was a bit stumped about what to call it, the lentil and vegetable roast thing is how I think of it.

Anyway, the flavour is divine! The texture is not quite right yet, I am thinking that if I put a spoonful of powdered chia seed in that may flexy it up to the optimal texture.

Looks wonderful doesn’t it, and the smells it made while it was roasting were glorious. I am not going to share the recipe here because it is not quite right yet, but here it is (without its eggs) so you can see what is in it.

I will make another next week and try it with the chia seed and once I have fixed the texture problem I will pop the recipe here for you.

For today, I am off to Kingston SA with Mr T on my motorbike Big Gwyn to meet the Giant Lobster (hoping to also get acquainted with a small lobster too!). Have a great day.



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