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Tips to tempt fussy eaters

Before I let you go I would like to give you a couple of tips I use to tempt a fussy eater (me). Let’s just have another look at that pasta dish.

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? That is the first hurdle, if something looks awful you will expect it to not taste very good. You eat first with your eyes and your nose, by the time food has hit your mouth your body is already preparing for it, your nostrils are flaring, your mouth is watering in anticipation of that first bite, your tummy starts to roll and gurgle, these are all good things, so if this food LOOKS good, that is a big part of the first hurdle over. Now let’s just look a bit closer.

Onion. I will always pick an onion out and leave it on the side of my plate if it is too prominent, so here I have used a red onion, which I find less confronting than a brown or a white, and diced it small so that I can hide it in this thick sauce.

Linseeds, these linseeds serve no flavour purpose here, they bring nothing to this meal but nutrition and once they are stirred in I will not even know they are there, but my body will know, and thank me for them.

The salmon I used was a sandwich salmon as it has no chunks, I do not like chunks, they will join the onion at the side of my plate.

The same goes for the walnuts, I have chopped them small enough that this thick sauce will lift them with the pasta, not shuffle them to the bottom of the bowl to join the rejected onion and salmon chunks.

There is no salt added here, because of my hypertension, but the black pepper and lemon juice add flavour nuances aplenty, along with that very fragrant basil pesto, so we really don’t need to blunt those flavours with salt.

Finally, I have mixed the pasta and sauce together, not put the pasta on the bottom of the plate and the sauce on top. This will minimise the chance of me finishing one before the other, thus relegating the leftover component to be, well, left over.

People can be funny about food. I myself will not eat a carrot or a cucumber that is cut on the round, only in batons, don’t know why. My son Jon will not eat a soup that is not puréed, no matter how good it is. My daughter Emma has a whole list of foods she will not eat on moral grounds. I worry about this one, she is removing a whole lot of things that would do her good, but if she has an aversion to them, they would not do her any good anyway.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Sometimes knowing what you should be doing is not enough, you have to find ways to work around things too.


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