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Thinking about our jellies

I have been thinking about our jellies. So far we have made three, our tropical, our mixed berry in raspberry and the little apple and blueberry one we tucked under our almost sort of healthy chocolate mousse.

I just love these, as you know, they extend the fridge life of our fruit so we are not wasting, they are sugar free, fat free and very, very refreshing. Cookie House tadpole Jon took one to work with him the other day, which made me laugh. Actually I was pleased about that, Jon sometimes has some issues with not being hydrated enough and these are, after all, fruit and fruit juice.

So I was trundling around the supermarket, right before Phoebe Freebie had a moment at the fruit and veg shop, necessitating a rescue mission by the nice man WHO WAS ON HIS WAY TO A WEDDING PHOEBE! (See post next door). Anyway, so there I was trundling around the supermarket and I stopped to look at the fruit and jelly cups which were over near the canned fruit. On every single one the first two ingredients listed were water and sugar, which means that those are the two ingredients of which there are most of in that product. Water and sugar. We can and are doing better than this Cookie House people.

I was thinking how nice our jellies would be as a sophisticated dessert with a bit of Malibu rum or Framboise added in at the boiling stage, AND I was thinking about how very delicious a coconut cream, vanilla mousse would be on top of the tropical fruit jelly. Keep checking in with me, that one is on the list.



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