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They are breeding! It is a Horrowitzmas miracle!

Did you ever see that old movie Gremlins? I remember seeing it at the movies with my sister and it scaring the living daylights out of both of us! There is this bit where Gizmo, the cute little mogwai gets wet and all these furry balls burst out of him, of course they end up turning into his evil brothers and wreaking havoc, but anyway, these little bowls are reminding me of them, as you can see, there are now three little nesting bowls made of wool.

I am so happy with these, they are so cute, and so quick and easy to make, and I am really getting on top of my laundry because they are an excellent incentive to put on another load of washing! These are a gift for someone, or perhaps someones..., dear to my heart, I will say no more other than to my mind, a handmade gift is the most special gift of all. We do not celebrate Christmas in our house, instead we celebrate Horrowitzmas, so named after a Sandra Bullock movie in which she, as Mary Horrowitz, spends the entire movie chasing after a silly man who does not appreciate the amazing person she is, until, in the end, she discovers for herself her own worth and realises that it is not about the whole world liking you, it is about liking yourself and, if you are lucky, finding other people who love you just the way you are. Horrowitzmas is about inclusiveness, acceptance and mutual regard and just being with the people you love. Mary Horrowitzmas to you all Cookie House people.


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