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The Round Meal - again

Here we go again on my endless quest for the round, or balanced meal. This is a really good one for us ladies who are in peri menopause or menopause, as it has plenty of dairy free calcium and some good phytoestrogens, which may help to boost the natural levels of oestrogen in our body.

So we have here our quinoa and cashew salad, mentioned in the previous post, one lean beef sausage (protein, amino acids, minerals), and one stick of tempeh, which is a fermented soy thing, and yes, it most certainly does look better than it tastes because it tastes mostly like a yukky paste thing, but it was on the list of things to eat for my waxing reproductive organs and for my bones, so I am giving it a go, and certainly, when taken with a mouthful of sausage and salad, it, better than it is when eaten on its own.

Two steps back, as always, we have some fantastic nutrients in this salad, the quinoa gives us protein, all nine essential amino acids, plenty of fibre and some good iron. The beef sausage will add some haem iron, which is the easiest form of iron for our body to digest, the capsicum, tomatoes and leafy greens and blueberries are going to boost the Vitamin C of this dish so we can make the most of all that iron. We have some nice minerals in our cashews and our leafy greens and other veg, as well as lots of different vitamins and some phytoestrogens in our tempeh and our linseeds. And though I am not a fan of soy, I will try to eat a little if it is good for me, and the very best thing about it in this version is, the texture and flavour of it will most certainly stop me from over-indulging. Hmmm. I wonder if old Mrs Chook has hit menopause yet, perhaps she would benefit from 7/8s of a packet of tempeh.......


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