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Tartare Sauce - Back to Basics 41

This is a lovely tartare sauce, or remoulade, so superior to anything you can buy that you will struggle to see the relationship. It is easy peasy too, and because you are making it yourself you can choose how much flavouring you want in it.

So to begin, we start with a mayonnaise base from the post next door. Got that? Right, now we whisk in our flavourings, I have used a tablespoon of chopped capers, a tablespoon of chopped gherkin, the zest of one lemon and a teaspoon of dried chives.

Stir all of that in and scrape it into a jar. Done! Couldn’t be easier. Perfect for fish, perfect for ham, well, just pretty perfect actually.

Mayonnaises are endlessly adaptable. Try adding roasted garlic and lemon juice instead of vinegar for a gorgeous aioli, or add some dill and black pepper. Or chilli and lime. Your mayo is limited only by your imagination. Dream big mayo dreams!


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