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Sustainable Ecologically Friendly Christmas Wrapping Paper

One of the things I struggle with at Christmas (or birthday parties or any other occasion where gift giving is customary) is the waste. The waste of wrapping paper that is torn and put in the bin, the cards that are used once and never again, the little crepe ribbons, the tape, the tags, so much single use paper and non-biodegradable plastic, it makes me quite ill to think of it. I remember reading about the actress who played Ginny on the Harry Potter movies saying that every piece of plastic she had ever owned still exists out there in the world somewhere, I had never thought of it like that and it really resonated with me. These days I try to make a small footprint, when people ask me what I would like as a gift I say, nothing, I have enough, I am content. My Nanna always used to say ‘enough is as good as a feast’, and I think that should be printed on the back of our money, it is such a good way to think of things.

Anyway, I do have some little handmade Horrowitzmas presents to give out so I have chosen this year what I consider to be the ULTIMATE sustainable gift wrapping.

These are cotton tea towels, adorned with a little bit of wool. You can even get them in Christmas colours if you choose to. I did not, as traffic was MAD in Mt Barker and all I wanted to do was go home. Gift too big for a tea towel? How about a ham bag? Or a reusable container? Or a towel? Or a tablecloth? (Do people use tablecloths anymore? I don’t, they make additional washing and I consider the laundry a wife slave chamber and refuse to have one in my house).

The thing I love about this is that the wrapping is something of value, to be utilised by the giftee. I think that is just wonderful.


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