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Summer fruit jellies

I was thinking about jellies recently when I made the parfait, and about how jellies are a really good way to get fruit into young people and into those of us who just know we should be eating a bit more of the fruity stuff, but don’t.

Here is a lovely jelly, I decided to make it with a sugar substitute called Nativa, which is mostly Erythritol, which is an alcohol sugar which doesn’t raise your blood sugar or cause tooth decay, it is supposedly okay for diabetics but this jelly is high in fruit juice so I am not sure they could eat this anyway.

Oo! I took that on a funny angle, looks like it is about to slide off the bench, oh well, too late, I have eaten it now so we will have to just go with the wobbly photo.

So this is a vegetarian jelly as well, I have used the jel-it-in again, which I find far more temperamental, but it does have a nicer flavour than gelatine for sweets and is not made of animal products.


250g frozen raspberries

450ml apple juice, plus a little extra for topping up if necessary

2 teaspoons sweetener or sugar

I satchet jel-it-in

Fresh berries, I used raspberries, strawberries and blueberries

Place the raspberries into the juice in a medium pot, simmer for about ten minutes until tender, stir in the sweetener, mash, strain through a sieve lined with a clean chux. Set aside until cool. While that is cooling pack your chosen recepticles with prepared berries. This should make enough for three of this size jar (300ml) or four slightly smaller. I did make another in one of my nice glasses, but I only have one left of six as I smashed my way through them.

Make the liquid up to 500ml. Stir in the jel-it-in. Pour into a clean pot, bring to simmering point, simmer one minute, stirring often. Tip over the berries, let that sit on the bench for five minutes then into the fridge to chill. If you are going to be very elegant and do these in a fragile wine glass I would most definitely be letting this jelly cool a bit before you poured it over the berries. I think that would look wonderful and very stylish, but elegance is not much good if your jelly has broken glass through it.

I am tickled pink with these, they will be so nice on a warm day. Hope you enjoy them!


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