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Sticky Date Pudding - Back to Basics 18

This one is for my lovely Mum, Hi Mum! It is to pair with the dairy free caramel sauce I put up a few weeks ago. It is dairy free, can be eaten on its own as a little cake, or drowned in the caramel sauce and served with cream or ice cream. I think this is about as good as pudding gets.

Ingredients - makes 10 mini loaf

225g dates, chopped roughly

300ml water

10g baking powder

75g olive oil

210g sugar

5 eggs

185g self raising flour

Place the dates into a small pot with your water, place on a medium heat, bring to the boil, remove from heat, stir in baking powder -

Allow that to cool a little bit, while you are doing that, preheat your oven to 170 degrees C fan forced, if your oven is not fan forced 180.

Prepare your tins, I have used my mini loaf tins again because I really like them, but you could make this as a big single cake, or in muffin tins, it is up to you really. Whichever you decided to use, use a muffin liner or give them a good spray with a canola spray and line them with a cartouche (little rectangle of baking paper in the bottom of the pan, these are STICKY date puddings, and the first place they will try to stick is the baking tins.

Okay, when your date mix has cooled enough not to cook your egg stir in the olive oil and the sugar, then the egg and the flour. The mixture is quite liquid, don’t worry about that, we are looking for a pudding like consistency, so we don’t want it as firm as a cake. Tip it into your chosen receptacles -

filling to about 3/4 so they have room to puff up, which, with all those raising agents in them, they are going to do!

Pop into the preheated oven and cook for 20 - 25 minutes until golden and cooked through, if you are not sure if they are done, stick a skewer into one, the skewer should come out with no uncooked cake mix on it.

Mmmm! The sticky date puddings are the golden ones at the top, the lower ones are the Chocolate Raspberry Friand we made the other day, had to make more, they all disappeared somewhere.......

Let’s tear one open and take a look -

Gorgeous! Perfect. Maybe I can’t make these for you Mum, but if you make them from my recipe, it is sort of like being together, isn’t it?


P.S. Traditional accompaniment to sticky date pudding is caramel sauce, we made this a couple of weeks ago, it will be in the Dairy Free section.

If you like the look of this pudding recipe make sure you go in and vote with a red heart for the Chocolate Self Saucing pudding recipes and we shall have a lovely sweet time cooking up gooey winter desserts together.


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