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Isn’t that beautiful? Showier than any bride this almond tree is at the turn of the season. It is always a toss up between the almond and the storey apricot which will blossom first and I watch out for them every year. Sometimes this almond has so many flowers you can’t see the branches, it is not as magnificent this year, but it does have a dog under it, so that is okay.

The storey apricot has two flowers but many, many buds, so fingers crossed for a good crop this year, last year’s was dismal. In spite of all the green grass you can see under the tree it has been very dry here, we are in what is called a green drought and that is not good for fruit trees.

Want to see something amazing?

That tiny flower, not much bigger than my thumbnail, will grow into an apricot. Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?


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