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Sourdough mother - Day 6


Well, that is a relief! So last night, as I had hoped, the beastie awakened. Let’s have a look at her.

Awww, bouncing baby bubbles. I took a video for you.

Well, that is a relief! I did ask her last night not to embarrass me in front of the world, and I guess she listened.

Right. Let’s give her a feed and we will pop back in a few hours and see what she is up to.

Her jar is looking a bit of a mess so let’s swap her into fresh pyjamas (her spare jar), don’t forget to scald it and then let it cool, we do not want to invite undesirables into her world at this stage, neither do we want a very hot jar to kill our baby yeasts. So clean jar, scald, cool, don’t forget to scald and cool your spoon too.

Tip about a third of the mix into the new (cooled) jar and discard the rest, stir in 40g quinoa flour and 50g (ml of water), lid back on, into the corner.

I will see you in a bit.


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