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Sourdough Mother - Day 4


Okay, good morning, it is gibberingly cold here, let’s have a look and see what progress our mother has made overnight (huddled on the bench shivering no doubt).

Oh! This makes me so happy, I have given her a little gentle wind with my scalded and cooled spoon to combine the liquids and solids and she has rewarded me with this fizzy cappuccino like top!

Right, time to switch her over to her grown up pyjamas and start to feed her a little more aggresssively. So, you tip away and discard about half of the mixture, well, for me, as you will see, I have hedged my bets and actually split this into two jars, which will give me two chances for this to survive, an insurance if you like against something going wrong at this very early stage.

So, into our scalded and cooled big girl jars we split this young mother. And into each jar we stir 50g of water and 40g of quinoa flour.

Just a quick word about flours here, when a mother is grown, if you want to achieve a faster fermentation on one day, you up the ratio of water to flour, make it a little thinner so that the yeasts can eat it all up quicker, if you want to slow the fermentation then you do the opposite, you increase the amount of flour and make it thick so that it takes longer for all the fuel to be eaten, this is actually a good thing to know if you plan to feed your mother only once a day once this experiment is over.

Why am I telling you this now? Because we only have a few baby yeasts here, I recently saw a super thick, very young mother that just could not manage and ended up discarded, and every flour is different, and we have a few people playing along who are using different types of flour, and even within flours, the absorbency will be different. You will see I am back on the quinoa flour today, but I mill my own and this quinoa was really, really absorbent, so I had to add more water than I normally would. Use your eyes, we want a thick batter like consistency at this stage, not as thin as yesterday, but I want you to give it a stir, if you can still see spoon trails through it, it is too thick, pop in a little more water.

Right, pop on your scalded and cooled lid (or lids if you are going to go to the two of them like I have at this stage), pop her back in her corner, we will have a look at her this afternoon.

Have a great day!


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