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Sourdough mother - Day 2

So it is day two of our build-your-own sourdough mother project. Well, about sixteen hours in for me, but that will do. Let’s have a look at this young one.

Hmmm. I think I may have another enthusiast on my hands, there is light fizzing around the top of the water layer. This is very good, let’s have a look at it from the top.

Looks like scudgy dishwashing water, that is good, let’s have a sniff, slight acidity, nothing offensive. The solids have separated to the bottom, all looking good.

Let’s move on to step two.

Firstly I want you to boil the kettle and run boiling water over your spoon that you are going to use for stirring, I know, I know, we are not using sterilised water, or purifying our flour, my own water is tank water, harvested from the rain on our roof, which is possibly why my mothers are so lively, but let’s follow some good cleanliness protocol and run that boiling water over our spoon. Good, now rest it on the upturned jar lid so it doesn’t touch anything it shouldn’t and let it cool.

Into the mother weigh 50g (ml) of water, again, just a bit cooler than you are, remember Mr Dan Lepard says 20 degrees C, I say, stick your finger under the tap, if it is slightly cooler than you are but not cold, that is good enough for me, and 10g of flour, this time I used buckwheat flour as the more mature mother ate all the quinoa flour, I hope that changing flours this early on does not upset the yeasts, but we will see. If you are using wheaten flour or rye flour, just follow the ratios I give for the grain free flours.

Now give it a good stir with your scalded and cooled spoon. It should look like this.

The first grain free mother I made, I only used the quinoa flour until she was a week old, so that may be a safer option at this stage, we will see what she says tomorrow!

Okay, pop her lid back on, tuck her back into her corner and I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great day. Xxm


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