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Something Sweet Donut Bread

Updated: May 22, 2020

Following on from our simple white bread recipe from yesterday, my good buddy Jo just asked how she could turn this into a sweet bread with sugar or jam?

Nothing easier, at the point where we cut the dough into four pieces, cut it instead into two, for the simple sweet loaf, instead of dusting the bench with flour, dust it with caster sugar and cinnamon, split your first half of dough into two long lengths and roll into sausages, twist the sausages together and pop into your prepared loaf tin. My daughter calls this bread Donut Bread and loves it toasted with butter and I must admit, the smell of it makes sitting on the gluten free wagon very difficult.

For the jam loaf, it is up to you, you can either dust the bench with flour or caster sugar, depending on how sweet you want the loaf. Flatten your dough out into a rectangle, spread with jam, roll up, pinch the edges, pop into your lined loaf tin. Proceed with both as per the recipe for our simple white bread.


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