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Today I was making chutney, which involves a lot of apple peel. Usually I give it to the chickens, who look at me with their eyebrows raised and say, “What else have you got?”

So I had this little idea of putting them in the air fryer and look! They came out crunchy and delicious, and best of all, these are so good for you, a bowlful of fibre for your gut flora health (though please, do drink plenty of water if you eat a lot of these, unless you enjoy being constipated).

So this was the peel from 13 apples, pink ladies to be exact. I drizzled onto them maybe a teaspoon of maple syrup and a teaspoon of olive oil, gave them a good rub and put them into the air fryer.

12 minutes on 160 degrees C, then ten minutes on 100 degrees C, giving them a good stir and move around every few minutes. They will crisp up as they cool, be careful not to burn them or they will be bitter.

Mmmm! Perfect. A perfect, high fibre, low sugar snack. Something from nothing.

Remembering what my Mum always used to say, waste not, want not....


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