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Semolina-esqu for the gluten-challenged

So this morning I felt like something very easy to eat for breakfast, I really wanted semolina, but it is a grass, so I can’t eat it. So I popped a couple of tablespoons of buckwheat and quinoa through the mill with the stones open to the widest setting, hoping to crack the seeds, well, it didn’t manage that, it more pulverised them, but not to a flour, so I was happy with that.

I put the resulting gritty mass into a pot with about 3/4 of a cup of water and simmered until it was very thick, then decanted into a bowl and let it sit for about five minutes to set. This it did, and looked like a grey cow pat, lovely. I topped it with some dried and fresh fruit and honey and almond milk and it was just lovely. Perfect breakfast for those days when you are feeling a bit fragile.


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