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Savoury Pumpkin Cottage Loaf - Recipe of the Week for One Week #7

Reposting this for one day only for the kind gentleman who sent me beeswax and his lovely daughter.

This is a lovely bread, it is gluten, grain and dairy free, yet somehow it tastes to me like feta cheese! Perhaps it is because I associate sundried tomatoes with feta, I don’t know. Anyway, it is a lovely bread, not suitable for making sandwiches, but great for toasting, and, unlike a lot of grain free breads, robust enough to go in the toaster!!!

Oh look at that, it just looks brim full of nutrition, doesn’t it? And so good for using up a pumpkin glut as you slice it and store it in the freezer, then you can have home-grown pumpkin bread for months if you are lucky enough to have some come up in the veggie patch.


380g grated pumpkin

5 eggs

7g salt

50g olive oil

6 sundried tomatoes, finely chopped

1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs of your choice (sage works well, and oregano, for this one I used basil and it worked very well too)

12g baking powder

255g almond meal


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C fan forced or 170 degrees C if not fan forced.

Combine all of the dry ingredients except for the pepitas in a large bowl.

In a second bowl combine the egg, pumpkin, sundried tomatoes, herbs and olive oil, mix the two together, into a lined loaf tin, sprinkle with pepitas and into the hot oven.

It takes a while to cook, this one, and you want to be very, very sure that it is cooked, for me, in my oven this took 50 minutes, and then I dropped the heat ten degrees and said, right, now you can stay in there for an extra ten, so it was in the oven for an hour all up. Once it comes out, take it out of the loaf tin and pop it on a rack to cool fully.

When it is fully cold, slice it and pop it into a container and into the freezer. Then, when you want a bit of toast, you just fish out a slice and pop it in the toaster, easy peasy, veggie rich, protein rich, super nutritious toast.

Now remember, this is a Recipe for the Week for One Week, which means next week it will be gone, so if you would like to make it, make sure you take down the ingredients, and please, if you do make it, send me a photo for the Hall of Fame!


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