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Quinoa Pancakes

So my good friend and uni daughter Chloe made me an instant gram account, you can go visit it at cookiehousekitchen if you want to, it has lots of nice photos on it that don’t make it into here, and I was looking through some of the things, there are an awful lot of gluten free people on there, and one lady had made a chocolate slice using cooked, cooled and blended quinoa, this got me to thinking, I am not a fan of quinoa flour, I find it very strongly flavoured, but cooked and cooled....would that mellow the flavour out? And how would it be as a flour substitute? Would it have the body? The structure to hold something without gluten or any of those many additives that gluten free recipes love to put in that I don’t use???

Well, I have had a little play and these so far have been the results.

Quinoa pancakes with crispy barossa bacon and cheesy onion sauce (see post next door).

Quinoa crepes with lemon and sugar.

Chocolate self saucing pudding (MMMMMM!)

So I think we are safe to say that, in the right situation, this works very well.

To begin with, let’s look at the pancakes, which today were teamed with the cheesy onion (dairy free) sauce from the post next door and some really nice bacon from Barossa Fine Foods, this was by request of Mr T who has more of a savoury tooth (so he claims, his M&M intake contradicts this claim, but we shall humour him).

I will make them again and have them with maple syrup and ice cream, just to be double sure that they are good.


Serves 4 or 2 hungry eaters

1 cup of cooked and cooled quinoa (if you are unsure of how to cook it there is a post in gluten free under quinoa and cashew salad)

1/2 cup almond milk

1 teaspoon olive oil

scant pinch salt (so like a quarter of a pinch)

3 eggs

2 teaspoons baking powder

Pop the quinoa, almond milk, salt and olive oil into a high speed blender (I used my NutriBullet) and process until it is very smooth.

I know, I know, it looks yukky. Have faith, keep going.

Pour that into a jug, add the eggs and baking powder, give it all a really good stir.

Oil and heat a frying pan that is not going to stick to a medium heat, I use this old one from Aldi, which is actually really good at not grabbing hold of sticky things, pour on a circle about four or five inches round, this is more fragile than a regular pancake, so make them a little smaller for ease of flipping.

When it is nicely browned underneath and bubbly on top, flip it over.

When that is cooked on the other side, slide it onto a plate and keep going until you have no mix left. This made eight pancakes for me.

Serve topped with whatever you like, as I said, for me this morning that was crispy bacon and cheesy onion sauce, but when I make the maple syrup ones I will put that on for you too.

Have a great day!


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