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Plum Jam.

This recipe is for a lovely lady who follows my instagram who has a plum glut (the lucky girl!).

Plum jam is one of my all time favourite jams, and really simple to make, just make sure you don’t overcook it or you will have plum paste, which actually is really yummy too.

If you have not made preserves before, first pop into my blog entry Preserves - Getting Ready and that will walk you through all the things you need to do to safely make preserves, so sterilisation, protection, trouble shooting, etc.

Done that? Okay, then let’s look at this jam.

This recipe makes 9 x 150ml jars and is very delicious.


1kg of plums, stones removed

100ml water

70ml lemon juice

950g sugar

Place the plums, lemon juice and water into a large pot and simmer until the plums are quite tender and falling apart. Stir in the sugar, turn up the heat and boil, stirring often (and carefully, plum jam is a spitter), until setting point is reached. You can test this by putting about a teaspoon full of jam onto a cold plate, popping that in the freezer for about sixty seconds and then pushing your finger through it, if the bit that is pushed away by your finger wrinkled up instead of just parting like a fluid, it is set.

Pour your hot jam into your hot jug (you did read Preserves - Getting Ready, didn’t you?) and from there into your hot jars, pop on the lids, tighten, invert so that the jam hits the lid, turn back up the right way, leave them on the bench to cool, by which time the lid should have a bit of a concave look to it to indicate it has sealed properly.


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