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Pancakes - Back to Basics - regular OR dairy free

So as you know I made the most BEAUTIFUL quinoa pancakes the other day, and I was very, very happy with them, because, of course I cannot eat the ones made with wheat flour, but I got to thinking, well, just because I cannot eat them, does not mean YOU can not eat them, so here is my recipe for regular pancakes, which you can make dairy free if you want to.

So here they are, and yes, they did taste as good as they looked (I had half of the sweet set, in the interests of checking the recipe of course!), I did half of them with maple syrup, ice cream and cream and the other half with bacon, egg and fried onion (which Mr T kindly ate for me, it would have taken me ages to pick out all of that onion).


Made 6

I cup plain flour

2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon olive oil OR melted butter, plus more for frying

2 eggs

7/8 cup almond milk OR cows milk (or whatever milk you regularly use)

Pop the flour and baking powder into a jug, give them a good whisk, make a well in the centre, pour in the milk, eggs and olive oil (or melted butter). Whisk that gently at first, using the wet ingredients to absorb the dry, then give it a good bash and then let it sit for five minutes and think about life and tenderness.

Now, heat a frying pan up to a medium heat, choose a frying pan that can be trusted not to stick, pop a little bit of oil or a cube of butter in and melt and swirl that around to coat the bottom of the pan, when that is hot, pour in enough batter to make a four to five inch round pancake.

Let that cook on one side until it is browned underneath and making bubbles like this -

See how it is bubbly, but still wet on top? We want it to be wet on top when we flip it because that is where we get our reverse lift, we don’t only want half of our pancake light and fluffy, we want it like that all the way through, so over it goes -

Yes, that looks good, cook until golden on the bottom, decant onto a plate, keep going until you have used up all the mix.

Pile them up on a plate, top with whatever takes your fancy and enjoy. Regular OR dairy free pancakes.


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