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Overnight Oats

So as part of the Cookiehouse Reprogram program, I am putting some of these meals through a nutritional database so we can have a good look at them and see what they are contributing to our health. Today I made a couple of breakfasts for Mr T and myself that we can grab and go for the next couple of days before work when we are time poor, one of us (me), not being a morning person.

For Mr T who is blessed with the ability to eat oats (lucky!) I made a couple of pots of overnight oats. For this I use my 300ml canning jars which I find are a good size for this sort of thing, it will not give him enough kJs to get through to lunch, but it is a good addition to his toast and poached egg.

Ooo! They look yummy, don't they? They smell good too, but I am not tempted to taste as we are cutting wood today and I do not want the Corset of Pain.


Makes 2

100g rolled oats

10g peanut butter

15ml maple syrup

300ml almond milk

6g chia seed

20g dried blueberries

pinch cinnamon

Nothing easier here, just spoon your rolled oats, blueberries, cinnamon and chia seed into the bottom of your chose receptacle, combine the peanut butter, maple syrup and almond milk (I do this in my nutribullet so it is all really well bashed together, stir the milky mix through the oats, pop the lid on, put it in the fridge for several hours, days or overnight.

Yes, it really is that simple. And Mr T reports that it is MMMMMM!

Okay, let's have a look at it nutrition wise now.

We have two serves here, so we will focus on one single serve so as not to confuse.

For one pot -

1385kJ - so that is not enough to get either of us through to lunch without mid morning snacking, so we would need to add something else to the kitty to round our our breakfast food baby.

Protein - 8.8g - this is nice, leaves us lots of room for some nice protein at lunch and dinner

Fat - 33% - This falls within our Government Guidelines of 20-35% but only just, though most of it is good fats

Saturated + transfats - 4.7% - This is well within our Government Guidelines, remember? Less than 10% here.

Carbohydrate - 52% - Lovely, lots of nice unrefined carbs here

fibre - 7g, good, good.

And I am going to mention the calcium level here because I did a little interesting experiment and was quite surprised at how little difference it made.

Calcium - 321mg

Right, so RDI for Australian adults is 1000mg of calcium per day to keep us strong throughout our life. So this breakfast pot, just as it is, provides about 1/3 of our daily RDI, so that is great. But I thought, what if we substitute that for one of the wholefood darlings' much vaunted calcium boosters? What if we sub out the peanut butter for tahini?

Well, the results surprised me.

Calcium - 348.6mg - not much different. Still about 1/3 of our RDI.

It did contribute slightly more fibre, upped the fat ratio a little, lowered the carb ratio a little and made a very slight increase in the kJ, so for me, not really worth bothering with, but for those with a nut allergy, a viable alternative.

So as far as the Round Meal goes, this one is a very good choice for one of our three square meals a day, though as I said, we would need to add some extra bits to it to keep us going until lunch as 1385kJ is simply not enough.

I am actually working on a list of small things so we can see what we can add to boost our kilojoules while maintaining a good diet. I will pop that on here soon so we can discuss it together.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!


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