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Once a Year Cake

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake. Since he was eight years old Jon has asked for a triple chocolate fudge cake, I vary it from year to year, but most of the components stay the same, a chocolate sponge, more cream than you can poke a stick at, chocolate ripple biscuits and some sort of chocolate confectionary. This is actually a really, really simple cake that looks impressive and tastes good too, though in the interests of our health we shall only have this once a year!

To make the cake, go to the post where I made Emma’s birthday cake last month, it is called Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, you want to make a single sponge, so halve the ingredients for the cake and just make one.

Now, let that cool.

Whip 600ml of pouring cream until firm, smear a spoonful of it onto your plate, put your cake on, now spread a good layer of cream on the top of the cake.

Put on a layer of chocolate ripple biscuits -

And another layer of cream, biscuits, cream, biscuits, top with a layer of cream all over, then march chocolate finger biscuits all around the sides like a fence.

You will probably have two or three chocolate ripple biscuits left, crush them and sprinkle over the top, fill the whole centre with Maltesers and Stuart’s your Uncle, a perfect cake for chocolate lovers, be they eight or eighty.

Happy 21st Birthday Jon!


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