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Nut Milk - Tinkering

I have been tinkering with my dairy free Cookie House Nut Milk. I tried soaking some chopped fresh turmeric root with it for the anti inflammatory properties, it gave a pale yellow milk that was nice but a little earthy for my taste. Next I tried adding some fresh beetroot at the pulverising stage, that worked well, a nice pink milk that looked like strawberry milk, some extra vitamins thanks to the beetroot, which is a powerhouse vegetable, and the flavour really didn’t change at all.

So yesterday I was reading about sesame seeds, which are truly amazing things, high in protein, calcium, copper, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, the list goes on and on, but the bit that caught my attention was that sesame seeds are a really good source of lecithin, which is not only a really good thing for us to have in our diet, but, if you remember from our Cookie House Dairy Free Nut Milk recipe, we add sunflower seeds for lecithin in our milk, which helps to homogenise it and stabilises it somewhat to keep it from splitting in our hot beverages. So, I thought, what if I add sesame seeds as well? So last night when I made up my Nut Milk soaker I added a teaspoon of sesame seeds.

Verdict? Well, the milk did not taste like sesame, and it is definitely creamier and holding together very well, buuutttt…. I have found it quite stripping on the throat, the seeds seem to have added a harshness to this very mild milk that I do not like, so I will not be adding them again. The milk also went a quite unappetising grey colour as it matured, which was a bit ick.

The beetroot however, that one I will do again and I will go back to adding sesame seeds to the top of my salads/mueslis/soups/porridge…..


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