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Noodle Soup

So I could not resist, all that simmering herby stock and poached chicken, I am going to show you one of my absolute favourite meals, very quick, easy to prepare and packed full of nutrition. Noodle soup.

Doesn’t that look great? And it tastes great too, a wonderful summery soup that is light and easy to eat and with all of that veg and nutrient rich stock, you just know it is doing you good!


Serves one as a big main meal or two as a small meal

1 cup chicken stock

1/2 cup poached chicken

About 1 cup loosely packed fresh veg, here, lets have a look at what I used

What do we have? Baby spinach, a little red onion, a bit of carrot and capsicum, some bean sprouts, some sorrel and baby nettle from the garden, four or five snow peas, I also added a bit of freshly shredded basil and coriander and a stick of celery.

Enough noodles for one person, these are the ones I use, in this case half a packet.

Soy sauce

Cook your noodles as per the instructions, for these I cook them for about six minutes, drain, pop into a bowl with your poached chicken.

Pop the pot back on the hob, add the chicken stock and soy sauce to taste, bring to the boil, tip in the hard veg, in this case the carrots and celery, cook for one minute.

Add all of the rest of your veg, give it a swirl around, cook briefly until very vibrant, like this

Tip that over your noodles and chicken, give everything a bit of a stir and enjoy! A perfect Asian style summer soup.


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