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Living with a busy brain

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I was working in the Cookie House this morning and that old song came on by Anne Murray, A little good news and it made me cry. She says that one more bad news story is one more than she can bear. I feel like that quite a lot, and I think that right now, in this sad and unstable world we find ourselves in, there would be an awful lot of us that are feeling very Anne Murray at the moment.

I work on my own and usually that is the exception, rather than the norm. But again, at the moment, an awful lot of us are spending an awful lot of time on our own and it can be easy to fall prey to someone who doesn’t always have our best interests at heart. I am talking about ourselves. In Alice Hoffman’s book Practical Magic, Ms Hoffman said the greatest portion of grief is the one you dish out for yourself, and I think that is true for so many of us.

If you are finding yourself crying over Anne Murray songs or trapped inside a negative spiral inside your own head it is really important to reach out, remember, keeping things to ourselves, bottling up, is not good for us because it may very well be that we are being a bad influence on ourselves.

I am lucky. I have my Mum, my husband Mr T, best friend Dee, my cousin Chris, my kindred spirit Jan, my partner Karen, my adopted sibling Moon Brother and my darling Jo, all of whom listen when the noise in my head overwhelms me. I send each of them a red heart, or I would if Moon Brother had shown me how to do that. If you have someone in your life who holds your hand when you are overwhelmed, maybe stop right now and send them a red heart. Don’t know how either? I might see if Moon Brother will post us techno-nots a tutorial.


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