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I am cross! This morning I was looking at the news and I see stories about women behaving badly while out shopping and those women are being called Karens! My daughter, who works at a supermarket, told me about this a month ago, but I brushed it off, silly young ones! And now I see that this highly offensive term seems to be taking on a life of its own and I say, not bloody good enough!

This is simply a coward’s way of saying that somebody is being a bitch. If the sentiment to have a say is so strong, then do not hide behind an innocuous and very common name and turn it into a form of derision. Step up to the plate and say what you have to say, if indeed you feel the need to add your voice to the deafening cacophony of noises that our poor planet is drowning in (says she, with the blog of mostly ramblings and nonsense). Here is an idea, how about, in this time of high stress and uncertain footing, we try instead to be a little bit kind to one another? How does that sound?

My bias is not entirely unexpected, my business partner‘s name is Karen, and a kinder and fairer person you would never find. Here is a woman who would quite literally give you the shirt off her back, so I take offence on her behalf that the name that her beautiful Mum chose for her, a name that means ‘pure’, has been turned into a derogatory slang word for an unpleasant woman.

Come on world, we should be better than this by now.


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