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Jo’s Blondie - Hall of Fame #2

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

You know how I love it when people take Cookie House recipes and modify them to suit their own tastes, well, here is a lovely take on the Blueberry and Nut Blondie made by Cookie House co-director, Jo.

Doesn’t that look fantastic! So Jo used raw sugar instead of white, and frozen raspberries instead of frozen blueberries, dried cranberries instead of dried blueberries and hazelnuts and walnuts to top it off. I did request a photo of it cut but apparently it disappeared before she could whip out the camera, which I think is testament to its deliciousness!

Thank you lovely Jo. I am thinking we should set up a page so people can send us pictures of the things they make with our recipes. Is that something we can do? Or am I showing my vast technological ignorance again?


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