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Hungry Man’s Omelette - Back to Basics 14

So, because I inflicted salad and soup yesterday on Mr T for lunch and dinner, he woke up this morning hungry enough to eat a small horse. And so I thought that I would show you how to make an omelette.

This omelette, much to Mr T’s disgust is vegetarian, but he has eaten four pieces of toast while he was waiting for me to cook it, so he will be right.

Looks good, doesn’t it? So firstly I chop and prepare my fillings. For this one I have made a ratatouille of sorts, three types of onion, red capsicum, green olives, tomato, all diced up to about the same size, a half a handful of basil and some baby spinach to go in later.

Sauté the onions in a little olive oil until they are soft, then add the capsicum, tomato, olives and basil, stir it around until it is all slightly softened, we want to let the veg keep a bit of its dignity, so not too much, like this -

Now take it off the heat, stir in your spinach and let the residual heat wilt that down.

Now this would be a perfectly good omelette filling all on its own, but how nice would a crumble of feta or a shave of Parmesan be on this? Gorgeous, but Mr T and I are both dairy free and I have a lot to do today so I am not about to risk a hammering of asthma for my crumble or shave of cheese. So I will make a feta crumble substitute. I will put the recipe in as a separate blog, but here it is, and yes, it does taste as good as it looks.

So now to our omelette, you can make this as fluffy or flat as you like, for me I prefer a flat omelette, I do not enjoy eggs enough to make them seem even bigger than they are, if you prefer a fluffy omelette just put the egg mixture into a big bowl, set to with a whisk and then straight from the wind up into a hot pan, you can even separate the eggs and whip the egg white and fold it in if you want to feel like you are eating a fourteen egg omelette, I never want that, as far as I am concerned, the flatter the better.

We break our eggs into a medium sized bowl, for Mr T, that will be three eggs, for me, one, for every egg we add a teaspoon of water and then we give it a quick thump around with a fork to combine.

Now, this is important, we need to have our pan moderately hot before the egg mix goes in, we want to shock it as soon as it hits the oil so it doesn’t grab hold of the pan and make a big sticky mess. So pop in a tablespoon of olive oil and wait until it is making ripples across its surface before adding your egg, your oil should not be smoking, that is too hot, but it should not still be thick and sluggish either. Pour in the egg mix for your first omelette, swirl it out to the edges of the pan, allow it to cook a little, until the underside is firm, but the top still has some goo, like this -

Now along one side crumble your fake feta -

Top with half of your ratatouille, oh, did I mention we were making two? No? We are making two. Where were we? Oh yes, top with half your ratatouille mix, the omelette is still on a medium heat at this stage, you can see it bubbling in the picture above, and then we slip our egg slide underneath the half of our omelette with no filling on top and we fold it over.

Using your egg slide, coax it out onto a plate, hopefully in one piece, if not, will still taste as good, top with a few chopped chives and Stuart’s your uncle, hungry man’s omelette.

This is Mr T’s cue to say, ooh, I couldn’t possible eat one that big (especially after all that toast), I just nod and smile as he declares he will save half for lunch. Do you believe him?

No, I didn’t either.


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