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Hot fudge sauce - vegan, gluten, dairy, grain, nut, soy free

It was my little uni daughter Chloe’s birthday the other day, so I made her this hot fudge sundae, and then, because she is in NSW and I am in SA I ate it for her too.

It really could not be simpler. This is a dairy free coconut ice cream and the hot fudge sauces are simply a white chocolate cooking chocolate and a dark chocolate cooking chocolate (I used the pana brand for both because it is dairy and soy free) melted with maple syrup.

For this you run at a 3:1 ration, three parts chocolate to one part maple syrup, so if you are going to have 100g chocolate, you will need 33g maple syrup. You combine them in a ramekin and heat them at a medium heat in the microwave, stirring every ten seconds so that it doesn’t burn until it is glossy and gorgeous and POURABLE, by this I mean that is is moving and when you lift it with your spoon it will grudgingly pour away, it will be thick, but it should move, if it doesn’t add more maple syrup.

A word of warning here, chocolates are so, so variable. I tried this the other day with an 85% dark eating chocolate and it simply did not work, so do use a cooking chocolate as they melt reliably and reset.


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