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Herbed Potato Salad - Dairy Free

Jo has been dairy free for about eight months I reckon. She asked me shortly after we met about my own food intolerances and showed me the arthritis in her wrists and hands, which were very stiff and painful to move (painful even to watch), I suggested she try eliminating some things that can cause inflammation, and the lucky duck got it on her first try. Yep, you guessed it, dairy.

Well of course it wasn’t quite that easy, she had to go through the whole, it can’t be, I will just have milk in my coffee, ouch, ouch, okay, no milk. I will just eat this lump of cheese, ouch, ouch, okay, no cheese either.

But she has reached acceptance really quickly, far more quickly than I did, and I am so proud of how she is going. She is an adventurous cook and that helps, she sent me this snap of her dinner so I asked her to share the recipe with you.


Baby potatoes


sugar snap peas

baby spinach


4 radishes

1/2 cup dairy free mayonnaise (note to self, put mayonnaise tutorial on list)

1/2 cup dairy free Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon chopped capers

1 teaspoon combined dijon and seeded mustard

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Chopped fresh chives, thyme and mint

Salt and pepper

Boil the baby potatoes until tender and then refresh under cold water, quarter. Shred fennel, blanch sugar snap peas and refresh under cold water. Slice radishes and mix with the fennel, baby spinach, rocket, potatoes and peas in a large bowl, combine the other ingredients, apart from salt and pepper and stir through the potato mix, season to taste. Enjoy! Thank you Jo.


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