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Goodbye Autumn

Would you look at that? Those three trees in the foreground are my apricot trees, yes ladies, you know who you are! Come on girls, it is June, you should be asleep by now. And don’t even get me started on the Jo-pricot (apricot planted for Jo so that she can sit under its perfumed canopy with Lizzie and her husband, ooh! You haven’t met Lizzie and her husband yet! Let me see if I can find a photo.)

This is Lizzie, she is a stumpy tail lizard, they are also called shinglebacks. She and her much smaller husband usually appear at the front of the Cookie House in about October and wander around the house all summer, later in the year she will quite often present herself and a couple of tiny babies at the Cookie House door for a bit of banana. They absolutely love the apricots that fall from the tree so I planted an extra apricot in the back yard near their nest. It is also to supply Jo, who has an apricot tooth the same way other people have a chocolate tooth, she is planning to sit under it and stuff herself with apricots until she is sick. Lovely Jo, I will have to plant her a chewy quik ease plant next to it.

But where were we? Oh yes! Will you look at those trees? They should be naked by now, sleeping the sleep of the just, shoring up energy to make fruit in spring. But the seasons have been capricious this year, Summer was long and bone dry and mostly cool, Autumn has been intermittently sopping wet and not wet enough and cold and I think we are going to have a very hard winter, so why are my fruit trees not asleep yet?

It is not only my trees either, I was driving through Mt Barker yesterday and saw a couple sitting at the outside table at Grounds for Coffee and the tree above them was dusting them with tiny, yellow autumn leaves, the sun was shining, the lady was flicking back her long, brown hair, was beautiful, like a photo, and I was transfixed, but then I thought, is Winter tomorrow, that poor tree should have been asleep a month ago.

I worry about the world.


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