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Gluten free, Dairy free Sweet Pastry Pie Base

So any of you who joined me to make the Torta Della Nonna earlier this week will know that I have been working on a new gluten free, dairy free sweet pastry base. I do have a gluten free pastry base, but it is more for savoury things. I was after something cookie like, and this worked very, very well. So I am writing this one down for us and then we can use it to make all sorts of delicious things, like the Torta Della Nonna (but do use the quantities listed in the recipe for that as you need extra for the crumble), or for the frangipane flan that I have in the oven right now! Or for a caramel walnut flan, an apple crumble pie.....the possibilities are endless. I have not tested it for baking blind yet, but I will and if that works we will make some beautiful chocolate tarts, OOOO! Lemon tart! I have not made a lemon tart in ages! But to begin with, let’s make the base.

This is enough to line a 25cm loose bottomed, shallow sided flan tin.


150g almond meal

88g coconut flour

90g caster sugar

70g mild olive oil

2 eggs

20g tapioca starch

Pop all of those into a large bowl and mix with your hands until you have a pliable dough. Press into the bottom of the flan dish and up the sides, if it is sticking to you instead of the tray just dampen your hands a little. Pop into the freezer to firm while you prepare your next step, whatever that may happen to be!


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