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Fruit Salad - Back to Basics 20

There is nothing quite like a nice bowl of fruit salad. I had a very late night at work last night and woke up with a headache and just not able to face a heavy breakfast so I am falling back to something my Nanna Betty used to make and that is a fruit salad.

It is something that I always forget about, but always enjoy. Not sure why that is so. They must be a popular thing as I see little take away tubs for an exorbitant price at the supermarket, so someone must be buying them. As you can see here I have a banana (on the green side, green bananas are full of indigestible starch instead of very digestible sugar, which is a very good thing because it acts within our body just like fibre, so for those of us who struggle with grains, indigestible starch is a good friend), blueberries and strawberries, both just power packed fruits full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and here is an interesting one, rockmelon.

Rockmelon is one of those things that I always think I don’t like, but I do. Not enough to eat it as a snack, but hidden in a fruit salad I eat it very happily, and any sort of melon is really good for us.

Rockmelon, or cantaloupe, is low in sugar but high in fibre and it is also an alkaline food, as are all melons, so they can help balance acidity in our body. Melons are rich in enzymes, potassium, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin (both good for the eyes) and choline. It is also said to have a stabilising effect on our emotions, which I think that can only be a positive thing.

So for me, an asthmatic with hypertension, I should really be eating a bit of melon everyday, because the potassium, fibre, vitamin C and choline help to keep the heart healthy and choline has been shown to help with asthma.

But back to our fruit salad, what else do we have here, oh, a nice coconut yogurt, passion fruit this time, some absolutely gorgeous dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice instead of sugar that I found at coles, and a smatter of pepitas, which are just plain all round good guys.

So if we are planning to do a food audit here, this breakfast of mine is a bit low in protein and good fats, the pepitas are a good source of protein, but I didn’t really add enough of them, they also have some good essential fatty acids, but again, there is really only a smattering of them, and the coconut in the coconut yogurt helps boost the good fat content, but really to have made this a meal with proper balance I should have added more nuts and seeds. It did taste good though and was good for me so that will be enough.


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