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Food audit

Want to play a game? Come on, we did this the other day with my hot pot, it is fun. Every day before dinner I do a quick food audit. What have I had? What have I lacked today? This is really important for those of us who have dietary issues or who are battling illness or weight loss. For each of us the needs will be a little different. I am dairy intolerant, therefore I am mindful of getting enough calcium. I am also grain and gluten intolerant so I must be careful to get enough fibre, both soluble and insoluble. Once you start taking big, important food groups like this out of your diet you MUST be so careful that any nutrients you have taken out are replaced by things that you can eat. And so, each day, I do a food audit. I know that it is only lunchtime, but I still have that great pot of soup we made together the other day, so my dinner is a given. I had a hot pot for breakfast, so that gave me a good start, and I was hankering for something very fresh for lunch, so I decided on a salad. Come with me, let’s have a look together.

This was my lunch, what do you think? Well, let’s have a proper look at it. I have a vast array of colourful veg, so my vitamins and minerals are there, I have a couple of slices of tuna and a boiled egg (yuk, ate that with my eyes closed), so that is my protein taken care of, some lovely Dahl, which, along with all that fresh veg is going to give me plenty of fibre, some nuts and seeds, a bit of coconut cream in the Dahl and our egg yolk for good fats, my blob of coconut yogurt for probiotic, looks pretty good to me.

If you are interested let us look a little bit closer. We have no haeme iron here, haeme iron is found in meats and the body absorbs haeme iron much more easily that it does non-haeme iron. We do have plenty of non-haeme iron here in our spinach and our basil, we need to pair that with some vitamin C to help our body to make the most of it. This is where our salad dressing comes in, I have put on a salad dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. This will help our body unlock those important nutrients.

I have also put a squeeze of lemon over our fish, this makes our fish yummier, but it also neutralises the base, tinned tuna is slightly alkaline so in adding a bit of lemon I am neutralising it.

I have our important sulfur foods, garlic and onion, the most medicinal foods of all, in our salad and in our dahl, and I cut it up small so I can’t find it and pick it out and leave it on the side of the plate. And some good beneficial spices, pepper on the fish for warmth and antioxidant properties, turmeric for anti inflammatory properties and cumin because, as you know, it is just yummy.

The large amount of veg has filled me to the brim, and the fish and the egg will make sure I don’t metabolise all this in record time and end up wanting to gnaw off my own elbow before dinner time. Yes, I am pretty pleased with this.

And how did it taste?

Pretty damn good.


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