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Farm Life

I often think with properties like ours that you are either cutting wood or cutting grass, and sometimes you are doing both. It has been a very dry summer here in our little corner of the Adelaide Hills, so we have nary a blade of grass to bless ourselves with, but the old trees often shed a limb at this time of the year to get rid of parasites or to save on water needs, and that is what happened yesterday. One of the old grandpa mallees kindly donated a vast limb to add to our firewood collection for next year, so I put out a call to arms and Mr T, Jo, Moon Brother and I raced out last night to bring some of it in before the wood thieves nabbed the lot.

It was a massive limb, bigger in parts than Jo and I smooshed together and I hope the tree will feel better for shedding it, like I do every time I get my hair cut. Moon Brother took this photo and I thought I would share it with you, our farm from another angle and four dear friends enjoying farm life. Xxm


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