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Farm Blessings

The Moorpark and the Trevatt gave me the most gorgeous Horrowitzmas present this morning, want to see?

A farm blessing. I lost the entire Story and Jopricot crop to the fruit predators so I am very thankful for these, they are about two days off eating stage, so perfect for jam, as slightly underripe fruit is higher in pectin. I can think of no finer way to spend Horrowitzmas morning than picking fruit from my own orchard on my beloved little farm, to make jars of sweetness to share.

The Moorpark says the fruit will be ready for eating in the next few days and the Trevatt will probably come in shortly after, though an orchardist once told me that Trevatt ripen from the inside out, so they can be a bit tricky to tell. Here is the Trevatt.

Oh, it has a little visitor, good morning stick insect.

You can see that the fruit is still a little pale, but the tree is giving them to me quite readily.

The Moorpark on the other hand......

Has better colour, but the tree told me to go away and come back in two or three days. Anyway, I have my little bowl of apricots, so I am off to the Cookie House to make the first jam of the season. You can come with me if you like.


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