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Fake Parmesan - Sesamesan?

Following on from our conversation this morning, I have been tinkering with some more sesame seed recipes in the Cookie House for all of our dairy free people (like me). So first I made a nice little sprinkle, this one is to sprinkle over your pasta or potato salad, basically anything that could use a little more flavour and some added nutrient. I sprinkled some over my roasted veg omelette and it was delish! I was aiming for something that could be used in place of a grated parmesan, of course it is not the same, but, for me at least, the price of dairy is too high when it sets off my asthma and my arthritis.


100g sesame seeds

5g dried chive

1 g salt

1 g garlic powder

So to begin with we toast our sesame seeds over a low heat until they are golden and smell delicious. You can do them in the oven if you want to, I did mine in a medium pot on the stove, whichever you choose make sure you keep giving them a good shake so they don’t burn and get bitter.

While still warm pop those into a food processor or small pulveriser, I used a nutribullet, and whiz until they form a clumpy powder.

Stir in the dried chives, salt (yes, I know, we rarely add salt in the Cookie House, but this is a cheese alternative, so it needs a little) and garlic powder, decant into a jar with an airtight lid and there you go, done, just don’t put the lid on the jar until it has fully cooled or it will go mouldy very quickly.

I am going to keep this in the fridge and I will let you know how it goes with regard to shelf life, I would imagine, as this is a fresh product, we will be wanting to use it within two weeks.

Since we are making this as a dairy alternative and we have been speaking today about calcium I would just like us to have a look at this together. In our toasted sesame seeds we are getting 975milligrams of calcium and our dried chives add another 40 milligrams, I would estimate that we have ten heaped tablespoons full in this jar, so that means that for every tablespoon of Sesamesan goodness we sprinkle on our food we are ticking off ten percent of our daily calcium requirement, and adding a whole lot of flavour too, gotta be pleased with that!


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