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Experimentation and Variation

Food and cooking should be fun! And there is no reason for it to be hard. I would love to think that you will take these recipes and tweak them to suit yourself. If you can eat dairy, substitute cream for coconut cream. If you can eat pasta, why on earth would you restrict yourself to vegetable noodles? Go forth Cookie House people and play.

Here is a really good example. Recently we made Pear and Lavender Jam. It is a lovely jam, very popular, but I can’t eat it. You know how lavender is supposed to be good for headaches? Well, it works for me, I can’t go near it without getting a migraine, even cooking the jam is a struggle for me. So let’s change the flavouring.

Here is one I make with wattle seed. One teaspoon wattle seed for every kilo of fruit. The recipe is the same, if you would like to try it go check out the Pear and Lavender Jam post. I also make one with vanilla, same thing, 1 teaspoon vanilla paste to every kilo of fruit. It is gorgeous. I used to make one with chopped chocolate chunks through it, but the chocolate tended to go a bit pale after a while so I stopped.

The point is humans mostly learn by doing, so experiment! Have fun!


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