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Emma’s mango blondie - Hall of fame #3

A brand new hall of fame for you to send us pictures of your Cookie House cooking! This one is from Cookie House tadpole Emma, who took the blueberry and nut blondie recipe and replaced the frozen and dried blueberries with a cup and a half of diced frozen mango and the zest of one lemon, folded into the finished batter, and then, once cooked and cooled to room temperature, drizzled it with a lemon icing made of icing sugar and lemon juice with a splash of water.

Hasn’t she done a nice job? And the mango has suspended through the blondie beautifully.

See? It makes me so happy when people take Cookie House recipes and modify them to suit their own tastes. Have you tried any of our recipes yet? If you would like to share them on our Hall of Fame just send us a photo via the little chat bubble in the black circle on the right hand side of your screen.


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