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Dressed Salad Back to Basics, gluten free, dairy free

So I made the most delicious salad the other day and I must share it with you. It was a lightly steamed and raw salad as it used some ingredients which I could eat raw, but would cause great distress to the tummy of Mr T.

Isn’t that glorious? It was steamed zucchini and broccoli, raw celery, capsicum, cabbage, carrot, spring onions and lightly toasted pecans, all dressed with my own homemade mayo (go see the post on mayonnaise, though this one was actually gussied up a little with some lemon zest and herbs).

Mr T had his with a bit of steak.

But I had mine just on its own and it was perfect!

As a point of interest, let’s look at this meal for a tick. Plenty of brightly coloured veg, that takes care of our vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates, some good fats in our olive oil, nuts and egg yolk, some good sulphur compounds in our broccoli, onion, cabbage and mustard, protein in our nuts (and Mr T’s steak), brimming with antioxidants and good things. Yes, this one is a round meal and can go into our Round Meal Hall of Fame.

You know, I must set up a Round Meal Hall of Fame one of these days.


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