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Curried Cottage Cheese pasta - lactose, gluten, grain, nut free

The eldest Cookie House tadpole Jon calls this pasta sauce the taste of his childhood, which makes me happy. It is cheap, low in fat, full of vegetables, high in flavour and takes less time to make than you would spend waiting at a fast food counter for your order.

This one is mine that I made for Mr T and myself on the weekend, it is made with a sweet potato noodle and was very delicious.

Here, let me show you one Jon made last week with a regular pasta, also very delicious, it is up to what your body can tolerate so I will let you choose.


Serves 2

Pasta or noodles of your choice, mine were a sweet potato noodle

2 slices shortcut bacon

1 stick celery

1 small carrot

2 spring onions

3-4 heaped tablespoons of lactose free (or regular) cottage cheese

1 teaspoon mild curry powder

Put a pot of water on to boil, when that is churning about, pop in enough pasta or noodles for two.

Dice reasonably finely your celery and carrot, slice your spring onion and bacon, pop all of that into a large bowl and put it into the microwave for one minute on high. When it dings, give it a stir, put it back in for another minute on high.

Stir again, add cottage cheese and curry powder, stir again, microwave on high for thirty seconds. Now, have a look at it, you want the cottage cheese to start collapsing into a sauce, but to still have plenty of curds, if there is not yellow juice in the bottom, pop it back in for another 30 seconds and then for ten second bursts until there is some nice saucy yellow liquid but still some curds. Excellent.

Now, pop that on the bench and check the pasta, when it is cooked through, strain it and then straight into the vegetable cottage cheesey bacon goo, give it a good stir around and serve immediately, OR you can chill it and serve it cold, though if you are going to do that I recommend using a penne or a spiral instead of a noodle.

This is a very long way from being the prettiest pasta I make, in fact, to me, it looks like it has already been down there once and come back up, but it is delicious and nutritious, if you leave out the bacon it makes a beautiful vegetarian meal, and it is so, so quick and easy. Certainly easier than waiting in line for a cold burger and greasy chips.


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