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Crumble topped Apple Pie

Did you like the apple pie recipe in the Back to Basic 12 blog? I had a tiny piece, it was DELICIOUS! And made me wheeze and ache for days, all that butter and flour! Anyway, I was working yesterday and making these apple apricot pies for Convalita Gourmet and thought I would show you an alternative top.

This one is a crumble topped pie, as you can see it has been made in exactly the same way as our apple pie, but instead of the lattice top I have put a crumble on it and then topped it with flaked almonds. I must admit, this is my favourite way to top any pie, be it sweet or savoury, I love a crumble.

Here is my sweet crumble recipe, DO NOT put this on your savoury pies, we might do a nice savoury vegetable pie soon with a Parmesan crumble. MMMM!

Crumble top

80g flour

40g sugar

55g butter, finely cubed

Tumble it all into a bowl and rub in with your fingertips until it starts to come together and form lumps. That is all there is to it. You can add some nuts like in this photo, or some rolled oats or coconut if you like, but this is a basic crumble, simple isn’t it?


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