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Cloudy Lime Fizzy Drink

So you know that gorgeous Lime Syrup Experiment Cake I made? Well, I doubled the recipe of the syrup so I could make this equally gorgeous Cloudy Lime Fizzy Drink.


1 cup sugar

zest and juice of three limes

1/2 cup coconut cream

Put it all in a pot and simmer, stirring often until all the sugar has melted and it is all yummy and syrupy. Cool.

To have it like I served it for lunch, pour about two tablespoons over plenty of ice and top with soda water, dilute or strengthen to taste.

If you want to make a virgin margarita, crust the glass with flaked salt.

If you want to make a lovely lime coconut cocktail, add some malibu rum, we can call it a Cookie House Lime Splice. MMMM!

Store the syrup in the fridge and drink it within a couple of days.


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