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Chicken ‘n Chips

It has been the most exhausting term at uni, coinciding with the late, but most exhausting Christmas rush in the Cookie House and my energy is at a very low ebb. Last night I had planned to make a gorgeous chicken Caesar salad, but by the time I had finished and submitted the very last assignment for my diploma, yay me! I was just too tired for all the whisking required to make the dressing, so I made Mr T and I take away from home.

This is healthy chicken and chips with guacamole. So how was it healthy? Well, the chicken and chips were both done in the air-fryer, the chips first, just cut the potatoes (skin on) into chips, rub a little olive oil over them and pop them in at 180 degrees until they are mostly cooked, then decant onto a tray into an oven set at the same temperature while you cook the chicken. I had let the chicken sit in a simple marinade of soy sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy), I drained them and then put them into the air fryer, smooth side up, I turned the heat up to 195 and I let them cook for ten minutes, then turned them over, did the other side for ten minutes, then I let them rest for five minutes, cut them into slices and arranged them on the plate. This sounds a bit ephemeral I know, but it really will depend on the size of your chicken breasts, for me, twenty minutes at this temperature was enough, the chicken was showing nice clear juices and was lovely and juicy, not dry as I feared it would be. I piled the chips next to the chicken, spooned on the guacamole, which was simply diced avocado, celery, spring onion and cherry tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon juice, salt and black pepper, and it was done. A drizzle of chilli sauce for me, left naked for Mr T, so very simple and delicious and uncomplicated for my very tired brain.


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