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Chia seed porridge

This is not a recipe as such, but more a method. This very simple little porridge is so, so nutritious and even if you can eat oats (which I can't), it deserves a spot in your breakfast rotation as Chia seed contain all of the essential amino acids we require in the human body that we cannot synthesise for ourselves.

Yes, I know, it does look a bit like frog spawn, but let us not focus on that! Let us think of all the wonderful things it is doing for our bodies!


1/4 cup chia seed, black, white or mixed, doesn't matter

1 cup almond milk or milk of your choice

Place the chia seed and milk in a small pot, give it a good stir, chia seed loves to clump, heat it gently and simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring sometimes, until it is quite thick, if you want it runnier add a little more milk, if you want it thicker, cook a little longer.

Decant into two bowls, top with whatever you like. Here I have used banana, which is a powerhouse of beneficial nutrients, honey from our young friend Sammi's father's bees, and amazingly delicious it is too, coconut yogurt which is rich in probiotics and good fats and nutmeg, which has a very important medicinal compound which I forget for the moment, but is also delicious. Enjoy.

This is a really good make ahead breakfast, just make up the porridge, pop it into jars, cool in the fridge, top with whatever you like, put the lid on the jar and there you have it, instant breakfast!


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