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Chia Breakfast Pots - dairy, grain, gluten, sugar, nut free and vegan

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Chia breakfast pots, such a simple and delightful start to the day, good amounts of fibre, some good fats and proteins, wonderful vitamins and minerals and they TASTE SO GOOD!

We are going to focus on the chocolate goo on the bottom with this recipe, then you can top it with whatever you want.


Makes one

1 tablespoon chia seed

1/2 teaspoon cocoa

1/2 teaspoon erythritol or sugar if you prefer

1/4 cup hot water

Place your chia seed in your chosen receptacle, I have chosen this glass because I like to see the layers. In a separate cup combine the cocoa, sweetener and hot water, stir to smooth, pour over the chia seed, stir to combine, set aside. Now you can do this the night before if you want and pop it in the fridge, it will be ready for topping in the morning, or you can wait about twenty minutes until it has formed a semi solid goo, top it and eat it then, or top it, refrigerate it for another time, either way, it makes for a quick and easy breakfast.

Once it has set into a brown seedy goo, top with whatever you like. I have used banana, blueberry, kiwi fruit, coconut yogurt and toasted seeds, but the world is your oyster here, you could use strawberries and cream, or ice cream and hot fudge sauce, or banana and custard, whatever you choose, it will be DELICIOUS!

Well, I have just been having a play in a nutrition data base we are using for uni and I entered my breakfast from this morning as a learning activity and a point of interest, and I am pretty damned chuffed. My breakfast this morning, pictured above, provided about 40% of my daily fibre requirements, 11% of my daily calcium requirements, about one third of my vitamin C, 17% of my iron needs, and less than half of one percent of my daily maximum allowance for sodium and less than one percent of my daily maximum allowance for cholesterol.

Yes. I am very happy with that.


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