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It is coming to something when you have to wait for the pregnant lizard to finish her lunch before you can rescue your blondies from the oven!

Do you see her? This is Lizzie, she turns up at the Cookie House door asking for a bit of banana or strawberry. I did worry about feeding her at first, but I don’t now. I figure a pregnant lady needs all the help she can get. She and her much smaller, much shyer, husband live in a slab of breeze blocks that my one of my house stumps sits on, last year she waddled out of there with three tiny babies in tow, they are much bigger now, I see them trundling around the yard sometimes, it is lovely. I think so often that as humans, we forget that this is not OUR world, we share it with an awful lot of others.

I was feeding the girls this morning and I almost stepped on this,

Isn’t that amazing? Some tiny creature made that with no hands out of sticks and goo! I bet it was the cabbage moth caterpillar that has eaten all of my watercress! The mind boggles, how on earth did it make this? It has sticks in it, really tidily lined up sticks. This was obviously a genius caterpillar, probably all that watercress made it smart.

Anyway, these two made my day today. We are in lockdown here in SA, and it helps to remember that we are all in this world together, so we need to take care of it, for ourselves and our children, and Lizzie and her children, and this caterpillar and its children, goodness! I had better plant some more watercress!


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