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Remember the broom we spoke about a few weeks ago? In the garden? While we were looking at the little native? Well, it is just coming into flower, soon it will be a symphony in yellow, but actually, at this stage when it is just emerging from the bud stage it is particularly beautiful. Mr T says it reminds him of snow on pine trees, he is a poet at heart.

I have always been a bit disappointed that the bees seemed to be disinterested in it, but this morning it is a-buzz!

Good morning honey bee.

Good morning native bee.

When I got these three broom they were almost dead, on the bargain wheelbarrow at Bunnings for $1 each, I planted them with no hope of them living and they said, ‘oh we love it here’ and never looked back. The little fairy wrens love to bounce around in them and it seems that the bees are finally starting to appreciate them too!


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