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Black Forest Breakfast

So I have been getting oodles of cherries off my trees, want to see?

Every day I have been trundling out to the orchard for a pick early in the morning and coming back with cherries, cherries, cherries. I have six trees, but one is a morello, a sour cherry, these are only good for watching unsuspecting people pick one and pop them in their mouth and then spitting and spitting and spitting in disgust, one day I will collect them and make a sour cherry cordial, but for now I leave them for the birds. The other five trees are doing quite well this year, the stella was stripped by the dratted possums, but the other four are giving me some lovely fruit. These are white cherries, those are the pale pink ones, they are white inside, and dark cherries. I am not sure which I prefer, I think it depends on which one I have in my mouth at the time. As an asthmatic I have been advised to eat five cherries every day, which is impossible unless you are willing to eat imported cherries, which I am not, I suppose I could freeze some of mine, and when the crops are bigger I may, but for now I am just enjoying the magnificent flavour of a tree ripened cherry.

So, back to my breakfast, every morning I put half a cup of water, a teaspoon full of Cadbury’s drinking chocolate and two tablespoons of chia seed in a bowl and give it all a stir, then I let that sit for twenty minutes while I go out to the orchard and pick my cherries, I bring those in and pit them so I don’t break a tooth, pop them on top of my chia pudding, add a spoonful of coconut yogurt and then dust with pepitas. MMMMM! Breakfast of champions!


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